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"Create a Culture of Revival through Love"

Rev. Kenneth "Jacob" Biswell and Anna Katheryn Biswell

Rev. Kenneth
Senior Pastors
Jacob and Anna minister in tandem with the Holy Spirit’s leading and see signs, wonders and miracles following their ministry.  They flow freely and with accuracy in the prophetic.  This highly anointed young couple was married February 14, 2010 and the story of how God brought them together is full of the Holy Spirit’s leading.  It is a beautiful true love story that has inspired and encouraged many.  They are excited for this next season in their lives. Jacob is from Dinuba, CA.  He attended Bethel School of the Supernatural Ministry in Redding, CA.  He moves strongly in the prophetic, especially in the realm of the seer.  Jacob thrives on Revival and wants to see the Kingdom of God set up “On Earth as it is in Heaven.”  He is passionate about seeing the church get off their “blessed assurance” and walk in the fullness of who God has called them to be.  He desires to see the “Glorious and Powerful Bride” walk in intimacy with the lover of their souls - Jesus Christ.  Jacob desires to not only activate people in their calling, but empower them to walk it out.  Through the teaching of the Word of God and a strong prophetic gifting, Jacob flows with the Holy Spirit to wreak havoc on the kingdom of darkness and strengthen the Body of Christ. Anna Biswell is from Montrose, Co.  She lives to seek the face of Jesus and has a great desire to see the church activated into the supernatural and experience life changing encounters in the Secret Place.  Anna knows that church can’t be done as usual and there must be a paradigm shift in our hearts and minds and is excited to be one of the forerunners in this new move of the Holy Spirit. She flows with freedom and a passion in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. Through laughter and the glory of God, Anna brings forth a call of Destiny and Identity.  She moves with Holy Spirit in a way that is rarely seen in the church.  Ultimately, she is excited to see her King Jesus and His Kingdom established on the earth through the call to intimacy with Him.


The Pentecostal Church of God (PCG) proclaims Bible truth in Pentecostal power in order to exalt the Lord, edify the Church, and evangelize the world.  Along with other Churches, we share the task of presenting a high standard of morality and citizenship to our communities. We take our responsibilities as a Church seriously and pledge our continuing efforts toward teaching the Bible in its entirety throughout the world. Our Church presents a balanced ministry which serves in every area of life, offering clear and inspired teaching for all ages. Our ministry includes outreach opportunities for youth, evangelism training for all ages and specialized programs for adults. We train youth for future leadership and involve homes in the task of building lives. We invite you to consider the ministries we offer and to find out if a local PCG church might offer you, your family and friends a place to serve God and grow spiritually. ​ Relationships: Our international headquarters, located in Bedford, Texas is at the hub of worldwide ministries. In 2007 the Pentecostal Church of God reported 608,000 constituents, 4,823 churches and preaching stations, and 6,750 ministers in 58 nations. In the United States, the Church reported 88,627 constituents, 1,158 churches, and 2,796 ministers.We believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God and is man's only safe and sure rule of conduct and faith. We believe every Christian has a responsibility to present the Bible to the world through a Christ-centered life, and our teaching ministries are founded on this principle. Our worship is evangelistic, Bible-centered and distinctly Pentecostal.We present Jesus Christ as God's answer to the problem of sin. We know God's power is available to meet every need of mankind, and we preach and teach the entire Gospel with conviction and sincerity. You will find a rich variety in our services, for we consciously seek to follow Bible patterns in our worship. Jesus Christ is always presented as Lord and Master. The Holy Spirit is given freedom to order worship as He sees fit. We believe you will feel "at home" in our services. ​ Affiliations: The Pentecostal Church of God is in full fellowship with the Pentecostal World Conference and the Pentecostal/Charismatic Churches of North America. We support the American Bible Society and other interdenominational parachurch ministries. Bishop Roy Carrico: Roy Carrico is a third generation Pentecostal and grew up in the Pentecostal Church of God.  He attended San Jacinto College, the University of Houston and Southern Bible College all in his home town of Houston, Texas.  For twenty-four years he has served in various ministry positions. He travelled the East Texas District as District Youth Director. He has served as lead pastor in Sour Lake, Texas and Gosnell, Arkansas and was Co-pastor in Baytown, Texas.  Currently he holds the leadership position of District Bishop.  He has preached youth camps and church conferences in several states. His ministry can be characterized as Bible based preaching with an emphasis to earnestly contend for the powerful experience of Pentecost.